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Dr. Scholl's® Shoes

Dr. Scholl’s® Shoes is all about making shoes for men, women, and kids that not only look and feel good, but are also made in an eco-conscious way with sustainable, responsibly sourced materials. Back in the ’60s, Dr. William Scholl changed the game with a now-iconic wooden exercise sandal that started a movement for crafting amazing shoes with insane comfort. Today, Dr. Scholl’s® Shoes keeps the good vibes going with both feel-good comfort.

image of woman riding bike and man riding skateboard in Dr. Scholl's shoes

Dr. Scholl's® Shoes

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With a heritage of knowing how to make feet feel good, Dr. Scholl’s® Shoes combines comfort technology with relaxed, unique design.

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Dr. Scholl's® Socks

As the market leader in health Socks, Dr. Scholl’s® Socks are constructed with premium technologies designed to provide all-day comfort and relief. From Blister Guard® yarns, TempRite™ Technology, and protective cushioning, to non-binding comfort tops and smooth toe seams, our socks provide a difference you can see and feel with every step. Live healthy and move comfortably with Dr. Scholl’s® Socks!