Bunion Relief & Toe Corrector


Bunion Relief & Toe Corrector


Dr. Scholl’s® new Bunion Relief & Toe Corrector Massaging Gel Splint is clinically shown to relieve bunion pain and help prevent it from recurring by correcting toe positioning. The unique patent-pending design can be adjusted to fit your exact foot size – so it’s comfortable to wear at night. It helps reduce the tendency towards bunion progression. And, in a clinical study, bunion sufferers reported significant pain relief after using this device.

Product Benefits
  • Unique Patent-Pending design with adjustable gel pad & night splint to conform to your exact foot size
  • Clinically tested to provide substantial relief of bunion pain
  • Clinically tested and shown to help correct toe positioning to further reduce pain
  • Comfortable & effective bunion protection with Massaging Gel
image of bare feet with bunion
  •  A bunion is a painful enlargement caused by swelling of the big toe joint. Heredity, poorly fitting and tight shoes, and abnormal motion of the feet are some major causes of bunions.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Bunion Relief & Toe Corrector contains a gel pad that surrounds the bunion to relieve pressure while the splint gently tugs the toes for correction

Identify left/right splint using the labels on the front. Place your foot on the terrycloth side of the splint.


Align the gel pad with the bunion, making sure it is placed along the metal bar for best results


Wrap the big toe with the hook/loop fastener, adjusting the tightness for comfort.


Wrap around your foot and apply the hook/loop fastener, adjusting the tightness for comfort and readjusting the big toe strap if necessary


Wrap the heel strap around the back of the foot and adjust the tightness according for comfort.


Duration of Use: Starting from a minimum of 30 minutes a day and work progressively up to overnight – do not wear longer than 8-hours.


You may feel some discomfort in your bunion in the first few days, this is normal when stretching ligaments or tendons.

The splint can be adjusted to change the position and tightness according to comfort.

Discontinue use and consult a physician if you are experiencing pain or swelling.